A899252_Hyesoo Lee_first h.w.


my first h.w.

this is a recycling instrument like a bass

i used pet and rubber strings

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A899200 Chun ryu_final

I found new interface in how to make a  pottery.

I used an IR SENSOR

when the 8 right sensors  sense a light, they can make sound.

let’s make sound the same way as make pottery

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A899060_KimSumi_first project






I made ‘egg- drum’ with rice, a egg case and tape.

so If you shake egg drum, you can make sound and if you can tap the tape part, you make ‘taptap(?)’sound.

but.. I didn’t picture that. so I don’t have that picture… sorry…ㅠ.ㅠ

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final show! Inhoo Bakc & Sungkyu Gee

VIDEOour project was dance with music!


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Accordion Book – Jeonghye Hong


Accordion folded book is very similar to a moving stretcher. So I using a real bulky book and cover.

I made superficially similar to an accordion, but it was difficult using flexible sensors.
my bad;( I can’t ask for the help. Further study using the flexible sensor I will show a strange accordion. I’ll work harder next semester. Have a good vacation, Professor!

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A899188 yangyoonhwa – first assignment

Source bottle GayageumImage

I wanted to create a portable Gayageum.

I made a hole in the source bottle and put in 5 strings. (Myungju line – be used in Gayageum.)

if string tighten, playing high pitch. if string get loose, playing low pitch.

(Sorry, I could not find a picture.TT)

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A599198 Seonghoon Lee and A899200 Chun ryu’s project

First project was started by a can. (bending can)

It is fun to made bending sound by line of a can.
Materials :  a can, wood board, a guitar string, several bolts.

Final project is banding brush.

This movie is project of 2012 instruments interface.
Brush makes to sound pitch up, pitch down by the head of pressed brush.
I used a flexible sensor in the brush of the project.

music made by Jang sa ic.

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a799331 choi hayeon 1st, mid term project

First project,

Making an instrument that makes sound.


Untitled from Cathy Choi on Vimeo.

Second Project.

Make 6 note.

It has 6 note with dog’s barking. When user attaches cats’ paws and noses, and tail, cats make sound.


cat with barking from Cathy Choi on Vimeo.



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Min-ji Kim A999037_Second Assignment


The 6 buttons prototype is work well but, I did something wrong (connect to each sensor and wires),

my new interface instrument didn’t work.

Button test movie _ http://vimeo.com/44291008

Assignment test movie _ http://vimeo.com/44291344

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A899309 SunHwa Ju

1) first instrument – box & toy of korea “kong-gi” & cylinder

-Shaking the box sounding instruments. Inside the box, cylinder is connected to the

“kong-gi”(several of the small iron is in the kong-gi.).

2)middle term project – bracelets instrument.

-Got the idea from bracelets. The instrument is made of two bracelets.

Using conductive fabric & conductive thread, bracelet made the switch roles.

The five zones depends on the bracelet serves as a switch.

Bracelet in contact with the other Bracelet, will play a sound.

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